Furniture Manufacturing Consultants

Machines provide the foundation for precise manufacturing.

Basic wood working machines form the basis for small scale industries. The suggestions and guidance required for this set up is furnished at 7Hill. Our contribution for medium-scale factories for batch production which are facilitated with entry-level machines with semi-automatic machines is commendable. For massive production, large scale factories are setup with CNC wood working machines and automated finishing lines, inline operations and less dependence on human skill. 7Hill backs up these industrial scale woodworking factories too.

7Hill offers project reports consisting of the following aspects

  • Factory Layout, Machinery layout,Process Planning
  • Designing of tools, JIGS and fixtures
  • Redesigning Conventional Machines into special purpose machines for mass production
  • Preparation of Manufacturing drawings
  • Training for detailed Costing
  • On job training in all departments

Raw material is the basic component of a finished product and the main resource of any factory. We help our clients in sourcing these raw materials to their destinations.

The success of a company depends upon the Employees contribution. Hence one needs to train & motivate them to produce more in an efficient manner.

The employees undergo immense training to gain knowledge and skill in furniture manufacturing. A 3 month training programme will be given for a maximum of 20 employees with free accommodation. Skilled carpenters, Entrepreneurs, Skilled and Interested students can join the training. It will assure the successful implementation of new techniques.

Seminars also help in the training of employees. The seminars are customized to your needs and will motivate your staff to take the company to desired level.

We assure being your Game Changer. We undertake the responsibility of providing the required guidance for consistent money management as it has been the most known factor involved in the upliftment of enterprises in history.

We render technical advice to manufacture the following furniture
and their allied products

We render technical advice to manufacture the following furniture and their allied products

  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Wooden Furniture
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Kitchen Cabinets
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Kitchen Shutters
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Dining Sets
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Bedroom Sets
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Solid Wood Joinery Products
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Wooden Toys
  • Furniture Manufacturing Consultants
    Wooden Components

We do provide Hands on Training in Wood Working with Basic and Advanced training modules.
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